Slingshot September Roundup 2023

Summer may be over, but things are only heating up this Slingshot September. We’re excited to bring you new in-app and onchain experiences with Slingshot Token Screener and Supercharged Bridging. Last month, we announced network support for Base on mobile and web. This month, you can get up to 1000 OP for bridging to Base. This post has everything you need to know, including a surprise mint below!

Slingshot Onchain Summer

Three limited edition sNFTs will complete our Slingshot Onchain Summer collection on Base, and minting for #2 starts now. ‘Second Summer’ minting is offered exclusively to Slingshot Mirror subscribers until October 2nd, 2023 at 11:59pm PST.

Owners of multiple sNFTs will be awarded a 'Mirror Fren' role and a 'Based' role for supporting our first collection on the Base network. Collectors of all three summer sNFTs will be awarded the exclusive 'Summer of 23 role.'

Each and every sNFT serves as an onchain celebration of broader Slingshot achievements and a unique way for Slingshot community members to show their support. It also offers us a unique way of sharing Slingshot community appreciation by rewarding top members with top roles and special access.


September Supercharge: Bridge to Base, get up to 1000 OP

Base is our featured network for this September Supercharge! If you bridge $10 or more to Base this month on Slingshot web or mobile, you could get up to 1000 OP tokens. The more volume bridged to Base by a single user, the more entries that get added to increase their chances of being selected. As the combined volume bridged to Base by all users grows, so does the number of selected winners.

That’s right, you ALL power the supercharge. Here’s how:

+ All bridges to Base from Sep 7 until Sep 30, 2023 at 11:59pm PST count

+ You can bridge to Base on Slingshot web or mobile apps to enter

+ The more you bridge to Base this month, the more entries you get

+ More users have the chance for 1000 OP when bridging milestones are unlocked

Below are the bridging tiers you can achieve to get more entries, along with the milestones that can be unlocked by combined volume bridged by ALL participants this September:

The question isn’t why Base, it’s why not Base? It’s the new and exciting L2, of course there are reasons you’d want to be a part of it… like finally having the chance to monetize your friends. But even if you missed out on that one (or just need more popular friends), being prepared for the next trend just makes sense. It’s easy to be early the next time around when you already have assets onchain. So if you’re bridging to Base, you might as well bridge on Slingshot and possibly end up with an extra 1000 OP 🤷🏻‍♀️

For additional details, check out our Help Center article. Please note that all eligibility is subject to Slingshot T&C.

Slingshot Token Screener

Just in, Slingshot Token Screener. Built to revolutionize your token discovery experience. With Slingshot Token Screener, you can filter through thousands of tokens on web and mobile with ease, speed, and full customizability. Set your preferred FDV, Liquidity, Volume, and Number of Transactions, Buys, Sells, and more.

Once your filters are set, Slingshot Token Screener will scan all available tokens with liquidity on your selected network, showing top results within seconds. See all of the top gainers & losers that fit your token preference and add them to your watchlist, or instantly start swapping top finds. For more information on filters and results, visit our complete Slingshot Token Screener guide.

Looking Forward

Now that you're all caught up with Slingshot Token Screener and Supercharged Bridging, stay tuned for more product launches and onchain events coming soon at Slingshot!

Please Note

This message is provided for educational and informational purposes only. By using Slingshot, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. This is not investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation to swap or hold any digital asset or to use a particular investment strategy. Some digital assets and markets may be unregulated, so you may not be protected by government insurance or regulatory protections. Digital assets are unpredictable so there is risk that you lose funds. You may owe taxes on your transactions so you should seek independent tax advice.

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