How to revoke token approval from chain-specific block explorers (Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon)

As part of our continuous efforts to keep Slingshot secure, we have upgraded our contracts. All recommended updates from our past audit are now implemented for your optimized Slingshot experience. Due to these upgrades, you will be prompted to unlock tokens on Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon when swapping on Slingshot.

While unlocking tokens is always required when engaging with any new contracts, we also recommend revoking any token permissions you may have with the previous Slingshot contract as a best practice.

For your ease and efficiency in revoking permissions, we have prepared a guide for revoking token approval directly from chain-specific block explorers below.

Guide to revoking token approval

(1) Select the desired block explorer

(2) Connect your wallet

  • First, enter your wallet address and connect your wallet to the respective approval checker. Make sure you enter your wallet address correctly to avoid any issues.

  • Please note: If your wallet is not connected to the correct network, you will be prompted to switch your network. Once you’ve successfully switched networks, you will need to “Connect Wallet” again to the block explorer.

(3) Locate the tokens you want to revoke

  • Once you’ve successfully connected your wallet, you will have access to all of your previously approved tokens, along with their approved sender.

  • Tokens approved for the expired Slingshot contract will have the following Approved Sender contract IDs for each respective block explorer:

    • Arbitrum: 0x3d685292905961e7c5c1cb9327a51314d283874d

    • Optimism: 0xbf1e8e287579afad68cc82fc801c3c07b8c5ae59

    • Polygon: 0xF2e4209afA4C3c9eaA3Fb8e12eeD25D8f328171C

(4) Revoke Token

  • Once you have identified the token that you would like to revoke, click the ‘Revoke Button’ on the right of the entry, then confirm the revoke action. Your connected wallet will then be prompted to grant access to revoking the permission for this selected token.

(5) Give your wallet permission to access the token

  • From your connected wallet, you will need to confirm the transaction to revoke the permission from the selected token.

Nice job, you’ve successfully revoked permission from the old Slingshot contract. Thank you for helping us keep Slingshot secure and for your continued use of Slingshot. We hope this guide was helpful, and encourage you to ask any remaining questions in our Discord.

Please note: This post is provided for educational and informational purposes only. By using or continuing to use Slingshot, you acknowledge and agree to our Terms and Conditions. You are solely responsible for your use of Slingshot to swap digital assets, including determining whether this activity is suitable and appropriate for you.

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